Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hello!! Happy 2013!! Its not too late for well wishes is it?  My poor old blog has been very neglected but it has all been worthwhile having successfully completed my Cert IV in Residential drafting! woo hoo!  Just need to find a job now ; )

Anyway havent got much to report , enjoying lazy days with school hols at the moment, doing a bit of sewing, enjoying the rain ( what there is of it )

Heres my first sewing finish for 2013..

A sewing case made from this book, 

 I kind of did my own thing with this and followed the basic pattern for putting in the zip, Its in Japanese so just followed the diagrams

Im doing a bit of hand quilting as well so its very handing for keeping all my bits and pieces together...

Hopefully you will see (hear) a bit more from me this year, 

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nice weather for ducks...

Yeah, I need a new project like a hole in the head but since finishing up the Daisy Chain Sampler my brain has been going into overdrive for another embroidery project.

I absolutely adore this print by Leanda at onelittlebird studio and its been the driving inspiration behind this little design Ive drawn up.  We'll see how it stitches up...

Hows this rain?

My poor little kidlets will be like drowned rats when they get home from their first day back at school!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starts, finishes and everything in between...

I finished my sampler!  Its been going on for a while but i finished it off last night and i really love how it turned out.  Im taking Shays advice and putting it in a frame...

Not a lot of sewing happening around here...what with school holidays etc... but i have managed to stash  a few piles of pretty fabrics (and a lovely book with lots of projects i want to make! )...

These will be used in my + and x quilt

and these too, im thinking of using the kona solid (in pond) for a big border around the outside

still got heaps more blocks to make!...

Kids go back to school on Tuesday, its been fun but im looking forward to it! 

 The youngest will be in school full time this year so Ive decided to go back to school as well.  Just part time but it will be pretty full on I think, so i probably wont be blogging or crafting as much as i would like. : ( (Not much different to how Ive been these last few months! )  Im really looking forward to using my brain again!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Sewing

Hope you all had a great Christmas, we had a very relaxing day and since then ive spent a couple of quiet days doing some sewing.  Ive got a new quilt in mind and made up some blocks...

 they are quite addictive... Im trying to achieve a vintagey looking quilt with it, not sure whether ive done that , im having fun making it anyway...
great tutorial for this block here

I sewed up a quick top with 5" vintage sheet squares - i just wanna use up some of the fabric ive got!

and i made a pile of these as Christmas presents...

(teatowels by the way!)

at least they are practical!

 Hope you are enjoying your Christmas break
and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Mail!

Pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month! Yay, my internet has resumed normality,  its been VERY limited here this past week, but its all good now.

 Lots of Happy mail has arrived in the past couple of weeks.  I received my Pretty Little Pouch Swap from Eileen at Bluebirdluxe.  OMG it is so beautiful and perfect!  I am using it to hold my embroidery projects ( the Daisy Chain Sampler - yep im still going on it ) 

Eileen sent me some lovely extras like a pile of charm squares in Atsuko Matsuyama fabric - yum! and a sweet keyring she had made, an embroidery hoop and crochet cotton!  Thankyou Eileen - i do love it SO much!

An unexpected parcel arrived from Shay aka The Pyjama Queen.  Shay very kindly sent me a beautiful chenille bedspread with the intention of hacking it up - but i cant!
 so ive put it on my girls bed : )  She also sent a very handy shopping list to keep on the fridge and a beautiful card....Thanks Shay! x

And these lovelies arrived too! I bought these on etsy as my "reward" for completing the 12wbt.  This is the final week and I have proudly rid myself of 13kg (which was my goal ) and the other day i ran 2 kilometres without stopping.  Its not much but for me its pretty big, 12 weeks ago i couldnt even run 100 metres! LOL

Cant wait to wear them this weekend,  im heading to Melbourne for a short and sweet trip with my lovely sister...

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, November 12, 2011


As soon as i clapped eyes on Amy Butlers latest fabric collection i knew it was destined to become a skirt.  I cut some big 10" squares and patchworked them together and then cut out an a-line shape.  It took two attempts to get the zipper reasonable - my tip for future zipper installations is to leave a huge seam allowance (like an inch!) to make life easier. ( It would have also helped to use a zipper foot but i dont have one for my machine thats set up and i was too lazy to set up the other slack i know! )

Its all cut on the bias which gives it a fair amount of give which is good for a fitted skirt. I also think bias cut skirts are a lot more flattering to wear.   I put a waist band around the top but i think it might need some elastic in the waist band to help it fit snug, with the bias skirt it stretches a bit when i wear it so im hoping by inserting the elastic it will be less likely to fall off when i wear it!

Overall im happy with how its turned out, pretty much how i imagined and with a slight modification it will become my "new favourite",

Here are some more "favourites",   maybe you will be inspired...

(The links for these gorgeous photos are on my flickr)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Hexagons

Earlier this year Lynne from Lilys Quilts started hosting a "Hexalong" inspired by this quilt pattern.  I was really keen to join in but daunted by the prospect of hand piecing.  I did attempt one block which took about 4 hours and ended in tragedy so i was keen to see if i could machine piece it (which is how the original Candied Hexagon quilt is made.)  I purchased the templates - the large hexagon templates form Marti Michell - and they are fantastic. You can make all sorts of variations of this block - ive only attempted a few so far.

They are still fiddly and time consuming but this will be another one of those slow projects...

speaking of which Im still going slow on the Daisy Chain Sampler!  Im determined to get this finished though.  Unfinished projects annoy the crap out of me!

Im on the home straight!...