Going round in circles....

... well thats how I've felt this week and not much to show for it. I started painting our new kitchen / living area and still got three coats to go! Ahhhhhh!
I did a tiny bit of sewing , I did a practice run of the wagon wheel quilt which I had great intentions of making my sister for her birthday- lucky cos Ive decided its way too time consuming and she will probably be 80 by the time she gets it. So I have to go with plan B, just dont know what that is yet! I'm thinking I will use this block in a cushion cover to replace my desperately needy mouldy green cushion covers -Yechhh!
And here is a little bit crochet I started last night - dont really know what I'm doing here but enjoyed sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed and just zoned out, it's good to be able to do it without really thinking about it!
Enjoy your weekend!


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