Flea Market Finds

I found this little mirror at the second hand shop and instantly fell in love. She needs a bit of a tidy up - How cute is that shelf? Ive never seen one like that before.
This old girl is my pride and joy, rescued from the tip shop I had her stripped and cleaned and she performs like no other. She is a wonderful machine to sew with and my preferred machine for dressmaking and general sewing. They certainly dont make them like this anymore!
Found any good bargains this week? For more Flea Market Finds visit Sophie Enjoy your Sunday! x


kirsty said…
gorgeous Melissa as always.

sean the prawn said…
Such a gorgeous thing!! Love the shelf underneath.
That room looks beautiful with the mirror & fab bed.
Hi Melissa! I found you through Kirsty :)
I love love love the shelf!! Where are you girls op shopping!?
And that's my mums machine! Great little work horse xox
Selina said…
Love that mirror! Fabulous find! I know what you mean about the old machines. Mine was my Aunts and dates from the '70's. Not an elna, a pfaff, but she just keeps on going and going.
Amanda said…
Good morning Melissa! Didn't you do well? That mirror is really special! I've never seen one with a shelf like that! As you can see in my sitting room, on my latset post those frameless mirrors are my favourites! Thank you for your lovely comment, Melissa. It made my day! Lots of love, Amanda xxx
sylviesgarden said…
Oh that mirror is a truly great find. I've never seen one with a shelf either.
I've been looking for an old sewing machine for ages but the only ones I find are dark brown. Yours is lovely.
Helmitarha said…
That mirror is adorable! And your blog is lovely, too! ;)
Catherine said…
gorgeous mirror! very practical too...
Bellgirl said…
Love it! and I love the crochet blankets on the bed and chair too, scrumptious!
Lauren said…
wow and WOW! that mirror...I saw a similier one in an op shop today...with 2 NOT for sale signs on it! BOOO yours is lovely!
what a gorgeous post ... the mirror and sewing machine are amazing.
My Flea Market Find
Thea said…
That mirror is a great find but I can't believe the Elna machine! I have one similar but with a pink top and I paid $300 for it but even though it was 30 years old - it is the best I have ever had too. It's amazing what people throw out.

I love the mirror ytou found, I have not seen one like that before. Really like your curtains too!
Take care
Isabelle x
TK said…
I really like the little shelf at the bottom of that gorgeous mirror - that is a fab find!!!
baysiderose said…
Love all of your finds. The mirror is gorgeous and that iron bed.... You have a lovely blog.
Kate said…
Its all gorgeous!
I love your style.
I agree, they dont make them like they used to and I just did a post about Singer love.
Those mirrors are lovely but ive never found one with a shelf!
ecoMILF said…
LOVE that mirror!! xo m.
Debbie said…
A beautiful mirror and a delightful little shelf!
They are meant to be together!

Jesa said…
I love flew market finds!!

lovely blog :)

Cheers, Jesa

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