So, you think you can quilt?

I didnt think I was too bad for a beginner but I seem to have messed up a fundamental step with this baby, the most boring and tedious part ( for me ) - basting. Ive ended up with excess fabric between the quilted circles in some areas. I dont know if Im being overly critical of it but it is for a gift and I do want it to be perfect!
On a more positive note this is my "new" crochet basket I bought for $2 at the tip shop. Just looking in there puts a smile on my face!
I also bought this little ugly duckling home. Just ripe for a makeover, cant wait!
And this is a little mirror I made for a friend who generously gave my daughter a beautiful antique dressing table, thanks Gwen!
Hope you are all enjoying your week,


Bellgirl said…
I'm going to have to come up to Darwin to visit this tip shop, this stuff is fab! I can't wait to see what you do with the footstool.

I hate basting, it's my most-postponed job. I've got one waiting for me now. Ugh.
kirsty said…
is that the hint hint one?

if it's not i'm gonna die!

The quilt looks utterly fabulous. You did brilliantly! Love that basket as well and for $2, it's a definite bargain.
Amanda said…
Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I really wouldn't worry about it's little imperfections...if it was for me I think I'd stop breathing with delight! The colours are so, so lovely! In fact...are you sure it's not for me? I think it might be...actually. Lots of love, you clever girl. Amanda xxx
Steph said…
It looks gorgeous to me...but I do understand. When you want to gift something you want it to be just perfect. I'm sure the recipient will adore it...if not, send it to me, I'd LOVE it!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week:) And your basket of wool made me smile too :)
sylviesgarden said…
A beginner? My goodness it's lovely! I so wish I could sew better than I can. It really is gorgeous.
Love the basket as well and the mirror.
Well done.
Catherine said…
It looks gorgeous. Your choices of fabrics work so beautifully together, you should be so proud of your quilt. Love your basket of happy coloured wool too.
Have a great week. :)
ingrid said…
The quilt looks perfect to me! It is gorgeous!

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