Block(s) for earthquake quilt

Deb from Works in Progress is making some quilts for families who lost their homes in the recent earthquakes. She has asked fellow bloggers to participate in making blocks for the quilts. I was eager to oblige thinking it would be a good opportunity to try out some new blocks....The hardest part would be deciding which ones to make... surely?
I thought i would have a go at a star block. Fairly straightforward? I have actually made these before ( many moons ago ) using a pattern with all the cutting instructions laid out, but trying to work out what size to cut those triangles , I could not figure it out for the life of me! Got there in the end in an unconventional way and wasted more fabric than i care for, but it turned out quite well....
The second block that i dont want to share photos of was an asterix block, which started out bad and just got worse, some of the asterix pieces didnt line up... thats ok.. and then when i went to trim it to size I cut off too much...oh ohhh! Its been thrown on the floor in disgust so Deb, if you read this I have one block for you, and if i get time I will make another!

PS If you can help out by making a red or blue block 12.5" square, Im sure Deb would love to hear from you!


kirsty said…
ah well, the one that did turn out is a star! what a great cause.

Nana Go-Go said…
What a fantastic idea! My cousin lives in Christchurch but was away visiting friends at the time of the quake. Fortunately, her house was still standing when she got back but so tragic for the other people who lost everything. I love your block and was laughing about the other effort being chucked on the floor. Bet the air was blue at that point?!lol
Amanda said…
Isn't it good to think someone will soon be snuggled up under that quilt, feeling the love! You're a star! What did you decide to do with your circles quilt, in the end? Lots of love, Amanda xxx
Ive joined the rising numbers too, but in my haste I had forgotten to check the size. Thanks for being explanative in your post. I love seeing what youre up to!
Gorgeous block!
Hope I dont stuff mine up, x
Deb said…
That is so pretty Melissa, I love it! Thanks so much!

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