A New Space

I got to play in my new sewing room today, its not quite a room where you can make a mess and shut the door but a nook where i can spread out all my stuff, and it was fun! I love it, heaps of cupboards to stash all my sewing related ...um..crap. I didnt realise how much of it there was until i had to move it! I bought some cute fabrics from the local quilt shop, remind me never to go there again, it was not the most pleasurable experience. I used to feel a bit guilty buying fabric from overseas and not supporting local but i cant justify spending three times the amount on fabric here. Im curious where do you buy yourfabric from? Do you support your local or do you take advantage of the cheap fabrics from overseas? I can buy fabric from a retailer in America cheaper ( including postage ) than what i can buy wholesale from the distributors here, i cant figure it out?!
Anyway , i made some pinwheel blocks and put together for a baby quilt. Im thinking of putting a brown linen border around the edge and maybe hand quilting it. Something im yet to try. Hoping it will be a boy, if not Ill have to make another one!
Oh well, i dont think i will really mind!


Catherine said…
I love your new space I can understand why you had so much fun today too. It's nice to have a place just of your own. I do buy locally but not at a quilt shop but a fabric shop. They have last seasons stock so they are a bit cheaper. I think though if you can buy what you want overseas and it's cheaper than I'd do that too. Enjoy the rest of your sewing, the quilt looks great so far. xo
Nice space to work in!

I support local when I can but sometimes I get desperate for a certain thing and go to spotlight. I love the little boutiques though!
Lucky Duck. Your space is beautiful. I dream of a house in Rapid Creek. With a room of my own... A bit of shabby and bit of goth and a whole lot of vintage retro.

I'm not creative like you. I'm a wannabe. I made my 1st cushion for a 1 year old birthday girl. It took me hours to make! LOL. You can see it on my Frugal Down Under blog. I hope to make more in a bit less time.

I buy as much as I can from op-shops and try to avoid spotlight.
sylviesgarden said…
Lovely patchwork, you are very lucky to have such a great space to work in.
Amanda said…
It's good to have a corner to call your own, isn't it? It's so nice to have you back...I missed you. I seem to be buying most of my fabric from Ray Stitch, Saints and Pinners and M is for Make. I've given up on real shops! I also chop up a lot of clothes from the charity shop! Lots of love, Amanda xxx
kirsty said…
love your new space, it must feel fantastic to be working in there. i'm cleaning my space out on thursday to be ready for a new floor. have to save some pennies for concrete NOW!

baysiderose said…
Loving your new space. Know what you mean when you say you didn't realise how much stuff you had until you moved it. I am still finding stuff to fill in more new shelves...it goes on and on in my home!

Great to have it in one spot though isnt it?

Andrea said…
I am new to your blog. It is great am glad I found it, I love your new space!, I love to see where people work, my new space is still in progress!!! Like you said you don't realise how much you have until you have to move it!!!
Andrea x
Bellgirl said…
What a lovely space!

I'm lucky because my nearest fabric shop (Darn Cheap Fabrics) is a remnant warehouse and they have top of the range quilting cottons for $7.50. It's pot luck though, and I shop for smaller pieces for projects at the other locals at full price. Occasionally I have shopped from overseas, but I've found the colour isn't always what I was expecting when I saw it online.
Bellgirl said…
I love the pinwheels, by the way!
Karen said…
I also just blogged about the very same dilemma. I buy overseas especially why the dollar is so good. If you want a particular fabric its easier to buy overseas (for me anyway). None of my local shops have any 'real honest' sales. Not like they do at online shoops. $24 a metre! ridiculous.
Gina said…
Gorgeous space.

I have the fabric quandaries too, but I understand why there are mark-ups locally. I guess the more 'middle men' go into selling the fabric, the more money it needs to cost to pay peoples' wages.

I actually don't feel bad now about buying fabric from OS if it is made there (because it still needs to be shipped to Aus anyway). It's not the same as buying local fresh produce! But I'm happy to fork out bigger bucks for Aussie-printed fabric - that's what REALLY supporting local talent is about.
Sally said…
I have been wanting to buy fabric online for sometime now and with the aussie dollar being so strong am thinking now is the time... but I am uncertain about where to go? Where do you shop online??? I'd really appreciate your advice.

As for your sewing space... how dreamY! Fantastic!

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