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 I would really like to complete a few of these
 quilts ive got lurking about,

so with the "help" of my trusty assistant
we basted and quilted one of the pinwheel quilts

Just need to sew on the binding now,
and i can start on something new!

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Tracey said…
lovely looking work, your quilts really appeal to my own style!
What great photos especially the first one !
Good luck getting some finishes done .
Rachaeldaisy said…
What fun photos!! I wonder if we notice our WIPs more because it's nearly the end of the year. I know I've been tallying up how many quilts I've started versus how many are finished. Your quilts look beautiful, I love the little starry one.
Nana Go-Go said…
Wow! I love your colour schemes!So Pretty. What I do for the binding is just cut the backing about 2" wider all around then fold it over on to the front of the quilt and stitch in place. Saves my big fat fingers trying to negotiate all that tricky little binding!
kirsty said…
Gorgeous quilts, i like nana go-go's idea of binding a quilt, i must try that. the last phot of the stars is very striking, i love it. glad to see that your assistant got his act together.


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