I quilted another top, this one has been in the cupboard for probably twelve months,
i wasnt that keen on it which is why its been sitting for so long. I feel that way about every quilt i make
and when its quilted i think how lovely they are!
 Im happy with how this turned out. I backed it with a chenille bedspread so is a light weight throw.
 Im undecided on binding...any suggestions?

While i had the darning foot on i did some embroidery, another lingerie wash bag
i like how this one turned out. I used a tear away paper stabiliser
 on the back (made it so much easier)
and these little houses will become Christmas presents!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Navy and cream french style ticking or pinky red berries on a black background. Can I say how much I adore your floors but im probably the 54th person to say so.
That quilt leaves anything I do for scrap!
You are truly amazing ... skill and endurance!

Let me be the 55th person to say I love your floors too!

I can't think of any binding ... I'm too stunned by what you can produce.
Sally said…
Oh gorgeous! All of it gorgeous!

... more questions about the washing bag... how big do you make yours? Do you do drawstring or a zip???
I Love that quilt. And chenille is a favourite of mine too! It looks absolutely gorgeous. I think you could run with just about anything that's in the quilt colourwise for your binding.

As a person who is very slowly learning to FM quilt I love your work !
kirsty said…
I love your floor

and your quilt

and your chair

and your washing bag

and everything else you do!

Amanda said…
Oh Melissa, you're such an inspiration to me! I wish I had your way with colour. This quilt is fabulous! I love everything in this post! Can I come and live in your sewing room? Loads of love, Amanda xxx
Karen said…
What a super idea putting chenille on the back. Looks like you have some very cute pressys in the works.
Maree: said…
Love the Idea of the Chenile on the back..must keep that in mind...just about anything will go for the binding..scrappy maybe...Great Job on getting it out of hiding & getting it finished...
Rachaeldaisy said…
What a lot of lovely things! Your quilt is beautiful!! I know what you mean though about sometimes needing a break from a quilt top youve made, so you can see them with fresh eyes. It's amazing how quilting brings them to life. The chenile would make it so soft and cosy.
Marg said…
I love your quilt, lovely bright cheerful colours. I'm not going to make a suggestion for your binding as my crafty radar is a bit off at the moment. I'm sure whatever you pick will be beautiful, you have a great eye for colour and design.
Does that mean you don't have a quilting sandwich, just the quilt top and chenille? I love the idea of a chenille back.
Lots of beautiful work, Melissa.
Marg said…
Oh I forgot to say, I adore your wash bag and houses, really cute, and the chair in the last photo looks so inviting.
Maaike said…
I can see you love to make stuff; you are also very good at it!! Love the quilts but also the crochet blankets in the background... Great work!
Love, Maaike
So beautiful! I only wish I could sew! Great retro chair too. Hope you're having a great week. Michelle
Raine and Sage said…
Wow Melissa what beautiful creations you make. I'm so pleased to have found you via one of my favourite blogs MMM-C. I'm a Darwin girl but live in Brissie now, so I always have an immediate affinity the place still. Hope the build up is not too bad!:)

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