Ive been really slack on the blogging side of things lately,
 just busy with life i guess
 but ive managed to squeeze in a  little bit of sewing.
Ive been making another pinwheel quilt
 just in case our friends have a girl.
 I just love it when those pesky little points line up
...sometimes they do
...and sometimes they dont!
Ive also sewed a little pressie in the form of a lingerie washing bag!
 Pretty cute huh? I love playing with free motion embroidery,
 it is a lot of fun.

and i made myself this skirt .
I used the Make it Perfect wrap skirt pattern.
Very easy
I finished it a bit different to the instructions
 and think it is rather lovely,

   i think
it needs a doiley though.
Thats better,
Hope youre having a lovely Sunday! x


Sally said…
Loving everything here... espcially the wash bag. I have a friend that that would be perfect for... perhaps I'll have a go at making one for her chrissy gift. Thanks for the inspiration.
Carmel's Closet said…
That washbag is just too sweet. Brilliant skirt! Love the finishing doilie.
Happy Sunday.
kirsty said…
your skirt looks fantastic! love the wash bag, so, so cute. have a loverly day.

Maree: said…
Love the Baby Quilt with the Spots goes really well with that fabric..Great Job on the Skirt looks Nice on You.
Rachaeldaisy said…
Lots of lovely things going on in your part of the world! I especially love the doily on your skirt. I've got a few doily improved items of clothing and I love them.
Nana Go-Go said…
Your Pinwheel Quilt reminds me of the one which I started for my niece when she was born - she`s 16 now and it`s still not finished so I`m going to dig it out and complete it for my Grandaughter!When I look at it, I can`t quite believe I had the time and patience to make it!I absolutely love your skirt too, the colour is so pretty.
Amanda said…
Goodness me Melissa! What fabulous makes! You really are super talented! I finally tried free motion embroidery yesterday after being frightened of it for years. It was every bit as bad as I thought it would be. I must have done something wrong because my machine snarled up horribly! I so want to be able to do it and make beautiful things like your bag. So lovely. Your skirt is beautiful. Love everything about it. Lots of love, Amanda xxxx
sylviesgarden said…
I love your makes, the skirt looks great on you. I really love your laundry bag, so sweet. I once tried to do free motion embroidery, it was a disaster!
What a beautiful skirt!

Im doing a pinwheel quilt at the moment (in pastels no less which is a real stretch for me ) an I can completely relate on the points thing. I hear you can quilt that out sweetie! I'm hoping thats true!
Gosh you're a fabulous sewer! It all looks so perfect.

And it's fabulous that you can share your talent with your friends and family - what a gift!
Mary said…
It is all so amazing! I love the pinwheels and the bag is just adorable...great skirt too. FABULOUS!
Raine and Sage said…
Yes the doily makes it perfect! I'm hoping to glean some of your talent through some virtual osmosis experiment. I love your stuff Melissa. Just having another look at your blog this morning.

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