An Award ... and a Giveaway!

Sonia from the popular blog  Raine and Saige has awarded me with a cherry on top!  Thanks Sonia! So now I have to reveal 3 things I like .  Not too hard...
1. My new kitchen.
After living with this (below) for four years I was able to move into this (above)
 a couple of months is heavenly!

2. My sewing machine.
I just love this machine, it is such a pleasure to use and is (about) my vintage!
I rescued it from the tip and had it stripped and cleaned and its just like a brand newwy!

3. My children.
I couldnt make a list without including them.  They make me laugh and make me cry,

they drive me crazy ( most days ) but they are very cute and i love them more than anything!

And now for the exciting part I am having a little giveaway! WOO HOO!
But this is a giveaway with a difference cos im not sure what it is im giving away, you will
just have to wait and see! It could be one of these,
or one of these,
or something like this,
Or all of the above! 
 If you want to win just leave a comment
here and I will draw a name out of the hat on Christmas Eve!
All my lovely overseas visitors are most welcome to join in!

Before i go i need to tag 3 others for the cherry on top award, this is hard cos there
are so many blogs I love, so here goes


All beautiful award worthy blogs so make sure you check them out!



Bellgirl said…
Oh you definitely deserve a new kitchen after living with that one for four years!
WOOHOO!! I must come out and see the new finished kitchen! I would love to win anything you make. You are so clever and neat! Love it all. Catch up soon xox
Kate said…
Great three things. Oh my that kitchen...That kitchen would make anybody happy! X
kirsty said…
cute kids! great kitchen! neat giveaway, count me in puuulease.

Karen said…
Awesome kitchen. Pretty good upgrade I would say. Gorgeous offerings for a giveaway. Love how you are keeping us guessing what the giveaway is. Congratulations on the award.
Congratulations Melissa,

I can see why you'd love those three things! Your children are beautiful.

Please count me in ... you know how much I love your quilts! Have I told you that?
MonetPaisley said…
Gorgeous crafting! Gorgeous kids! Curious as to why they are sitting in a hole? Bet there is a great story behind it.
sylviesgarden said…
Wow, I would love a kitchen like that too!
Amanda said…
Melissa, you are kind to tag me! It's a special treat for me as I'm a big fan of yours, as you know! Your pic of your children made me smile. When I was a little girl, my lovely big brother used to dig me a big hole in the back paddock and I would play 'Dens' in there for hours! Thank you Sweetiepie! Lots of love, Amanda xxx
Miss Muggins said…
3 things to make your life very fulfilled. Your kitchen (and patience) are amazing!I love the pics of the kids in the hole, all that is missing is the water!!!!!
Count me in on the giveaway please since I love surprises. All of your creations are so utterly gorgeous, especially those book covers. And how cute are your kids!

I had a new kitchen installed in August in the same colour as yours after 9 years of waiting so I can completely relate to how much you enjoy yours.

Thanks for the award and shout out. You're so sweet to think of me when there are seriously so many fabulous blogs out there to choose from. That just made my Friday!
Im in on this one (but i am secretly hoping for a house if im allowed to say.) Theres something about them that makes me crazy for one and I dont quite know what yet?
Your kids are beautiful and your little boy looks so cheeky, reminds me of my first boy with that crazy twinkle in his eye...
Great endearing post!
Sarah B said…
Hi Melissa, I just found your blog and am your newest follower :) Your sewing work is gorgeous! (not to mention that new kitchen!)
Just Martha said…
That gorgeous kitchen looks like it was worth the wait. Count me in!! I would be proud to own anything from you Melissa...
Hi Melissa, well done you on your award. Very well deserved. Love all your beautiful makes. Plse count me in! Btw, gorgeous pic of your kids. xx
Marg said…
Wow I love your kitchen, how wonderful to have such a beautiful kitchen after having to make do for 4 years, you must be over the moon.
The Elna was a great find, wasn't it and I love the picture of your gorgeous kids.
Please count me in as I absolutely adore your work, such beautiful details.
george said…
you wouldn't know yourself in that kitchen. wow. great stuff. x
Mistea said…
Ooooh I just came over - PJ said it was worth my time - you sure have been stitching up lots of fun stuff.
If I had a kitchen like that I may feel inclined to use it occasionally - Enjoy
Lee said…
Love the kitchen and of course the machine - the kids are so cute! happy holidays
Flotsam Friends said…
Hi Melissa, I love your kitchen. It's the kitchen of my dreams. I long for a grown up kitchen for our fibro shack!! One day. Your children are stunning! So, so cute. Sonia also gave me one of these awards. Isn't she lovely!! I've mentioned you in my post (and am following you so watch out!). P.S. Please include me in your divine giveaway too. Pruxxx
Rachaeldaisy said…
Congratulations for the award!! Love your kitchen!! especially compared to the before shot. It's fun that you're having a giveaway of a surprise. They all look wonderful!!
Lisa said…
Love your sewing machine too, I have 3 of these; one for my daughter and another old one with too many issues (saved for parts). My mom & sister have new machines and I don't like the way they work. These Elna's last forever! =)
Renee said…
Hi Melissa, I haven't called in for ages! Love your kitchen and yay for old sewing machines! And your kids look gorgeous! I would love to win a "surprise" creation of yours. Everything you make is gorgeous!
pippirose said…
I'd love the chance to win any of your wonderful creations. Surprises are good!
And I love your new sewing machine.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com
Raine and Sage said…
Wow I would be revelling in that kitchen! I'm possibly worthy of a spoilt brat award thinking I've not had a dishwasher for 12 months? Your children are gorgeous! I hope to join you in sewing machine love. You know I could have a love fest with all your beautiful creations... so I'll end it there... or I'd go on too much! Look forward to checking out your award recipients blogs.
Homemaker Honey said…
What fun! I'm poppin' in from Brisbane! Your giveaway sounds great! I'd love for you to stop by and visit my blog, too.

Homemaker Honey
homemakerhoney @gmail .com
Megan said…
that is one very fantastic kitchen, well worth the wait (almost!) and any one of those gorgeous things would be a fantastic prize to receive!
Nana Go-Go said…
Stunning kitchen - well worth the wait I`ll bet. Those children are just too cute!
Sally said…
Oooo... what a lovely giveaway... and there aren't enough words in the world to describe your gorgeous kitchen.
... and thanks too for the award. I'm super chuffed for sure :)
ange_moore said…
4 years with that old kitchen - was totally worth the wait because your new kitchen looks devine!

Oh, and I love your babushka machine cover too - so lovely!
The Clip Cafe said…
What a lovely collection! I would love to win any :-) I do love your embroidery it is so very nice and I think you deserve the award lots xx How goo dis your new kitchen!!! Very jealous :-) Is there a tutorial for the sewing machine cover? I need to make one....well I'll have a go :-)
Trillemus said…
What a lovely things you make. I would like to get a change in your give-away.

Merry christmas from Mette, Denmark
Catherine said…
Your kitchen looks great, I bet that you enjoy being in there using it, wow what a transformation.

Please count me in for your giveaway, I would love to win one of your beautiful handmade goodies. xo
Kristy Geddes said…
Your sewing is beautiful. Congrats on the new kitchen (I think it would be a while ago now) we are building as we can afford it and I would like something like this. I had to laugh when I saw your sewing machine, mine is exactly the same, but I think it may be way beyond your era..... My mum who is 64 got one of these for her 21st birthday, I also got given a second hand one for my 21st which was 21 years ago! They go strong. Mum said a lot of the older seamstresses always try to buy it off her as apparently they have such a straight stitch and because they are all metal they last forever. I am new to Darwin, and just getting back into my sewing, hope to catch up with you all one day!

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