Quilty Query

 I got an idea for a quilt yesterday and had to go make it.  Immediately.  I wanted a bunting but without the applique so made up these little flag blocks.  They are very random and if i make it again i think i will make them all the same but alternate direction and that way all the seams will line up.  I do like the randomness of it though. Ive sewed up the top in the gorgeous Dream On fabric range .  I just love these fabrics they hit the spot for my vintage sheet fetish! 

 I do have a question for you though,
do you think ric rac

...or not?


kirsty said…
i think not ;o), i prefer it without anyway. you are the cleverest little cookie, thinking this up all by your own self! it looks divine.

Marg said…
Oooh you are clever and quick. I've been toying with a similar idea for ages but still haven't started!
I think not, but that's not a definite not, lol!
i think i'd be won over for the ric rac - less...
it is nice though, this whim and urge of yours!!!
willywagtail said…
Not is my thought too although in real life it might look different to the photos which show shadows from the joins which could be replicated with quilting. Looks great. Cherrie
Raine and Sage said…
Can a non-quilter comment? I will anyway. I think not. What a beautiful design and fabrics. Sonia
Nana Go-Go said…
I`m with the `pro-ric rac` brigade! I think it looks more like bunting with it and frames each piece perfectly. I like the direction you`ve got them going in - looks like they`re blowing in the wind! Just my humble opinion though - it`s beautiful with or without.
I'm another "it's perfect without".

Good grief you're an inspiration. That quilt idea is completely gorgeous. And you're done already. I feel totally slack ...

(And when I saw Dream On I immediately thought of vintage sheets too !)
I'm for the ric-rac. I almost fell off my chair seeing this latest idea of yours.

The ric-rac gives the quilt a 'story', for want of a better word.

Have I told you how much I love your quilts?
Definitely not for me over here. I love this! How do you do it? Im just starting to catch my breath now....
Hooley Dooley! you are awesome! I could never do anything like this. You have so much patience! I think it looks wonderful with or without the ricrac!LoVe iT!
Rachaeldaisy said…
I love your pieced bunting!! Such a clever idea. It's beautiful in those fabrics! If you do use the ric rac maybe a softer colour would look better. Or create the bunting ribbon when you quilt it?
Yep, me too. No too the ric rac. When you quilt it could you highlight that bit some how? Maybe a change of thread colour? Mmmmmmm.....either way, very very clever!
The Clip Cafe said…
I love it both ways! So clever.

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