Sew and Tell

I didnt think i had much for show and tell
but when i started taking photos
i was suprised at how much i have made over
 the last couple of weeks.
A library bag for a dinosaur obsessed 6 yr old (above ).

I also found a great tutorial for a pin cushion caddy here. 
 This is all hand pieced and a
great project for the couch after hours! 
 Note to self : read the instructions!

This was intended as a gift but as i overstuffed it
 and the middle blew out a bit
 ive decided id better keep it!

A sewing machine cover.
 Since making this i have bought a new machine
 - this now brings my sewing machine tally to, 7
(its actually more than that but they are the machines i do use),
maybe i am crazy?.....

I bought some lovely fabric bundles from Fabricworm,
Cynthia puts these custom bundles together and are good for people like me
who buy a lot of fabric over the internet as you are assured that they coordinate.
Its very hard to match fabric on a computer screen!

Anyway, ive cut it up and started  another kaleidoscope. 
 Its a bit different to the last one which is still a WIP, 
as usual im unsure about my colour choices,
 but i think (hopeful) it will look good! 
 Im planning on doing some
handquilting on this one. 

I crocheted a couple of headbands for christmas gifts.
A really quick and easy project found here using
some lovely organic cotton.

I also made a couple more of these...

Dont forget to enter my little giveaway which i
will draw on Christmas Eve!

Happy Crafting



kirsty said…
oh so lovely little projects, so glad you posted a link to the headbands, have been looking for them without success! the kaleidescope pieces look great, they always do ya know! have a lovely day.

Sarah B said…
Your work is just so pretty, and when I thought I'd never quilt again as there are so many other things to do, after discovering your blog I am thinking about making a pieced bedspread and pillowcases! Might just start with the pillowcases and see how long that takes!
I LOVE the headbands!!! Do you sell them?

I'm off overseas this weekend, but on my return I will be heading your way and hope to pop in, as my Dolly is looking forward to a play with your lovely children and i would love to learn some new skills.
willywagtail said…
I'm totally in love with everything you have made. It is all so pretty. cherrie
Beeoootiful things as always, Melissa. I love everything!
Amanda said…
You have been a busy bee! All good stuff as usual! Melissa, which machine do you do your free motion embroidery on. I'm using a borrowed machine at the moment, but my brother and his wife are giving me her old one so that'll put me on, but I like to dream dreams of one day having a new one! I love the caddy you made. One for the new year I think! Lots of love, Chick. Amanda xxx
GORGEOUS!!! We have to oganise a show and tell this week!! Love it all!!!
Megan said…
I love that pin cushion caddy!! How wonderful. Heading straight over to check out the tutorial right now! What a pity you had to keep it for yourself :P
Nana Go-Go said…
Wish I was on your Xmas List! Beautiful objects, beautifully made. x
Noooooooooooooo...I toook one look at your fabric stack and headed on over there. Bad Pyjamas!

Love the dino- bag and the sewing machine cover is sweet! I want to make one.

I read how many machines you have and had to go get my glasses because I was pretty sure I was seeing things. Nup- my eyesight is still good. Thats amazing. I have two. Why do you have 7? Do you have 14 hands? Im just curious.
Sally said…
I love it all... you're such a marvellous talent!
Rachaeldaisy said…
Everything you've shown is amazing!! The free motion embroidered sewing machine on the pincushion is so gorgeous. 7 machines!!! Wow!! You to do a post to introduce them all.
Penny said…
I love it all!!!...especially the Hexie caddy pincushion :) Love the embroidery detail you added..gorgeous!
Please join my Hexie Caddy Parade.

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