Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Earthquake Quilt Blocks

I managed to make up another block for Debs Earthquake Quilts. This time I kept it simple (stupid) and Im really pleased with how it turned out! Its given me some ideas for a quilt as well. These blocks are on their way Deb!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Block(s) for earthquake quilt

Deb from Works in Progress is making some quilts for families who lost their homes in the recent earthquakes. She has asked fellow bloggers to participate in making blocks for the quilts. I was eager to oblige thinking it would be a good opportunity to try out some new blocks....The hardest part would be deciding which ones to make... surely?
I thought i would have a go at a star block. Fairly straightforward? I have actually made these before ( many moons ago ) using a pattern with all the cutting instructions laid out, but trying to work out what size to cut those triangles , I could not figure it out for the life of me! Got there in the end in an unconventional way and wasted more fabric than i care for, but it turned out quite well....
The second block that i dont want to share photos of was an asterix block, which started out bad and just got worse, some of the asterix pieces didnt line up... thats ok.. and then when i went to trim it to size I cut off too much...oh ohhh! Its been thrown on the floor in disgust so Deb, if you read this I have one block for you, and if i get time I will make another!

PS If you can help out by making a red or blue block 12.5" square, Im sure Deb would love to hear from you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Reason To Blog

I got a little visit today from a lovely lady Bianca from Bianca Jae makes stuff,
it was great to meet a fellow blogger who shares similar interests and appreciates handmade. She bought a bag of show and tell filled with beautiful pieces she had made, a top for a doll quilt swap a gorgeous patchwork cushion ( i wish i had taken some photos ) and a big pile of craft and quilting books i was drooling over! Bianca also makes the most beautiful hand pieced hexagons, they are truly a work of art!
Me, Kirsty, Bianca - photo taken by my 3 year old!
Kirsty ( my sister ) from Shoproomstudio came visiting too and bought a big box of homegrown produce, bananas, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato and basil - yummy. Kirsty makes the most beautiful clothes - dress's and tunics from her hand dyed doilies and tablecloths and gorgeous vintage style bloomers or pantaloons - They are so beautiful!
Isnt it good to be able to catch up with other creative souls who appreciate each others addiction for fabric and the things that they make? Its my main reason for blogging , its certainly taken craft to a new level for me and getting to meet and make new friends is an added bonus!
Lovely to meet you Bianca xxx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Happy Sunday , I hope youre enjoying your weekend, I havent been op shopping or tip shopping in a little while so thought I might share some of my best buys in the past. This old girl was picked up at the tipshop by my partner Wayne ( hes a good man isnt he! ) for $20.00. Its in immaculate condition would you believe, the foot pedal was a bit dodgy and I spent 70 cents on a new capacitor for it! The accessories didnt come with it at first but we went back two days later and picked it up for $5.00! This is my current makeover project I need to rip off all the yukky upholstery and recover , $10.00 from the tip shop, This is a gorgeous vintage alphabet wallhanging I think from the 1940s, I paid $5.00 from the opshop, And this is a gorgeous little kitchen dresser my dad made for my daughter - ive just painted it - so not quite a flea market find, but the pot holder and cruet set are op shop finds. Do you like the little tea cosy ? Cute huh! For more fantastic FMFs visit Sophie

Friday, September 17, 2010

To be or not to be?

When I look at this photo it looks quite speccy but lay it on the bed and it doesnt really do it for me.....why is that? Im unsure where to go from here , its not quite big enough for a single bed , do I make more? or put a border around it ( im not really into borders either ) or should i just fold it up and put it into hibernation?.....Hmmm......Ive started on other things anyway!

Have a great weekend! x

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time Flies.....

Its the middle of September, like ALREADY!
Where does the time go?Ive been keeping busy with a gorgeous girl turning 6, She LOVED her twirly patchwork dress by the way... ( some people think im cruel by traumatising my children and making them wear bed covers! - but they just dont get it!) We were also lucky enough to go camping out in Arnhem Land for a few days it was so HOT!
We camped on the beach and went fishing...
Looked for hermit crabs...
and made little shell houses for them...
And collected shells and made necklaces and chimes... It was our first camping trip as a family , I was a bit dubious about it
but even though it was unbearably hot we had a lot of fun
Cant wait to go camping again!
On the crafty front Ive made (not much) progress
on the kaleidoscope quilt ...
Like most things I do, I start out all gung ho and lose momentum half way...
Truth be told i wasnt really loving the look of these blocks and thought my color selection
was a bit off but when I started sewing them together and
looking at it on the whole I think its not too bad...
what do you think?
Can you see the circles forming ? Ive learnt quite a bit making this quilt in
particular about color value which I had no clue about but I would really love
to learn more about color relationships etc ...
where can you learn about that sort of stuff without
doing an art degree?
I bought myself a little pressie (cos Ive been good...honest! )
Its Dream On by Moda , a set of fat quarters, they are so lovely!
They are prints taken from vintage sheets in gorgeous colors
and yes they will most likely become another quilt!
....I would like to finish the kaleidoscope before I start another one... hmmm Ive also been working on my latest crochet project,
cant wait to show you this
so stay tuned...
Hope everything is good in your world,
take care x