Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

The Bloggers Quilt Festival is on again at Amys Creative Side and ive decided to join in the fun with this quilt. I wanted to make something special for my sisters 40th birthday and i had successfully made one of these circle quilts previously and was keen to tackle another. This one was slightly bigger at 90" x 90" and all pieced and machine quilted on my little sewing machine. I have a collection of vintage sheet fabrics which i love and wanted to use them as the main focus in this quilt and added some new designer fabrics as well. I used over 60 different vintage sheet fabrics in this quilt! I also used a lovely unused vintage sheet for the back. I have had a little bit of experience in making quilts , mainly for babies, and this was the second full size quilt i have made and ive learnt not to get slack with the basting. I had a few dramas machine quilting, being such a huge quilt and using such a small machine was certainly a challenge. I ended up with a few puckers which i didnt really want but after washing and drying and crinkling it really wasnt as noticable.
I loved being able to make something so unique with the design and the fabrics and that it is in the hands of someone who really loves and appreciates that too!
Please go and check out Amys blog for more fantastic quilts and inspiration!
Thanks Amy for hosting this!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Ive been busy finishing off the pillowcases for Christmas , they are quite addictive and im looking forward to making some more. I sewed this up today for master 3 either for Christmas or his birthday . Its a superhero cape and mask which i havent finished - i need to get some eyelets but it was a really quick project and i think he will love it!
More super creative space here

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Pile of Pretty Pillowcases...

...say that ten times fast!
For more exciting creative space visit here!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dont Mention The C Word

Christmas! I know, its a scary thought only 9 and a bit weeks til it rolls around again! I thought i would try and get a little bit organised. I do like to give handmade - my family are used to it after all these years! I made a couple of little note pad covers, they are really quick and easy and very cute!
I bought a couple of nice pens and some cheapie note pads from the supermarket. Im also planning to make a pillowcase each for my five nieces. Im basing it on this tutorial here, but more of a patchwork look with some of these cute ribbons and finish it with a crochet edge.
These gorgeous fabrics and trims are from Holland Fabric House on Etsy. She has such a gorgeous range! What are you making for Christmas? Ive also got plans for a superhero cape and mask, and a princess dress.
By the way , do you think i need a new cutting mat?

Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Space

I got to play in my new sewing room today, its not quite a room where you can make a mess and shut the door but a nook where i can spread out all my stuff, and it was fun! I love it, heaps of cupboards to stash all my sewing related I didnt realise how much of it there was until i had to move it! I bought some cute fabrics from the local quilt shop, remind me never to go there again, it was not the most pleasurable experience. I used to feel a bit guilty buying fabric from overseas and not supporting local but i cant justify spending three times the amount on fabric here. Im curious where do you buy yourfabric from? Do you support your local or do you take advantage of the cheap fabrics from overseas? I can buy fabric from a retailer in America cheaper ( including postage ) than what i can buy wholesale from the distributors here, i cant figure it out?!
Anyway , i made some pinwheel blocks and put together for a baby quilt. Im thinking of putting a brown linen border around the edge and maybe hand quilting it. Something im yet to try. Hoping it will be a boy, if not Ill have to make another one!
Oh well, i dont think i will really mind!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Softie for Mirabel

I was, then i wasnt, then i did and im glad i did cos she is cute isnt she? Sorry about the mindless drivel but you know what im talking about dont ya? The Softies For Mirabel! It is for a really great cause, which you can read about here and if you can knit crochet or sew please go and pledge a softie! I dont really get into making dolls after a doll I made was bespectacled by a three year old with a black permanent marker . It scarred me for a while, ha ha ... at least i can laugh about it. Anyway I hope some little girl out there will love this dolly as much as ive enjoyed making it! It must be allright cos Ive just had an order for another one! Enjoy your week and have fun crafting! .