Books and Chooks

 Cheap books and free shipping worldwide? How can i resist? Yes im feeling guilty with Angus & Robertson going bust because its the only decent bookshop in Darwin (bugger it!) but if you cant beat em....
 Ive been eyeing off this book for some time and its got lots of inspiring wonky style quilts which is just my thing at the minute - i dont actually read the text - i just look at the pictures!
 My boy spied this one and now wants a "chook blanket".  Its not a very good photo but they are wonky style chooks and it is very cute!
 The wonky star is sewed together , i need fabric for the back just dont know what! Any suggestions?
and heres a sneak peek at what im making at the minute

Hope your weekend has been good!


Hey Melissa, understand the guilt but the Book Depository is just 'too good to be true' isn't it??
Nearly choked when I saw your bug, it is sens-ation-al!!!!
Ella and I have a mad passion for combi vans and VW bugs. They stop us dead in our tracks.
That is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen, so well done you.
Maybe you could consider doing a pattern, selling it, and becoming filthy rich.
Put me on the waiting list please.
kirsty said…
ooooooh, the little vw is sooooo cute! love all the little details you have added. also love the wonky star quilt, it is stunning. would you put linen on the back as well? maybe a patchwork border? so lovely, all of it!

Raine and Sage said…
Great post title. The chook blanket would be fantastic for your little guy.
The wonky star quilt is funny and reminds me of Kilroy!
Love the VW also a fan! Can't wait to see it complete...
Marg said…
I do love The Book Depository, when you can buy books and have them shipped here for generally around half the price of what they cost here.
The chook quilt is a hoot, love the chooks.
Oh my the vw is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the bird in the cage, all the details are fabulous.
Sorry can't help with suggestions for the backing of the wonky stars, but it looks great I love how the stars look like they are twinkling.
Shay said… there anything you cant do ? The VW is utterly fabulous.

The wonky star quilt is wonderful. I came over for a visit earlier and immediately wandered off to google how to make one...darn if I need more projects.

I use that online book site all the time. It's fantastic!
Nana Go-Go said…
I`m seeing gingham with a small check, red and white for the back of your quilt - but that`s just me! It`s stonkingly beautiful!(Loving the nose peeping over the top!)Also loving the details in your VW project, especially the birdcage! Have a great week, Melissa.x
Tracey said…
oh the bug is unreal - please tell how you made it!
Dreadnought said…
Wowser! That VW is just stunning! You're so clever Melissa! Love the quilt too! xxxxx
RobynK said…
I'm guilty of being a Book Depository devotee too. The local book shop is limited and it's fiddly and time consuming ordering a book in and waiting for it.
Love your 'bug'! You should do a pattern as suggested as I'm sure it will be very popular :D
Sarah B said…
The choock quilt is really sweet, but I just adore the look of your bug! You are very clever :)
Bellgirl said…
I'll have a chook blanket too, thanks ;)

I'm also feeling responsible for the demise of Angus and Robertson, in spite of the fact that I'm one of their good customers ;(
Bungalowgirl said…
The bug car is wonderful, love the colours- you are so talented with colour.
The wonky chooks look awesome- but yours will be more colourful I'm sure. As for the wonky stars, I can see pink and red strips for the back.
Rachaeldaisy said…
The Gwen Marsden books are just wonderful. I'm always returning to them for inspiration!!

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