Making Progress..

...on the wonky stars. The quilt top is together and im thinking of making life easy for myself by using a vintage sheet on the back.  Ive got three (including this one)  to baste and quilt.  My knees are not looking forward it!

What are you making progress on ?


kirsty said…
WoW! it has turned out absolutely stunning!! you never cease to amaze me with these creations of yours. WoWeee!!!

Melissa it looks great. It truly looks like stars in the night sky, gorgeous!
Another astonishingly beautiful quilt. Although im no longer astonished at your skills x

My progress is zilch. Im doing housy stuff.
Marg said…
It looks fabulous, you must be thrilled with it.
I'm in the process of cutting up my raw edge circle blocks so I can sew them all back together again!! Despite the fact that my less than 12 month old machine needs to go in for a service, grrrrr.
Shay said…
Those stars look like they're twinkling. I love it. Truly love it.

I have three quilts on the go because apparently it's impossible to work on one thing at a time if you're me....Im planning to add a fourth to it by Friday - but hopefully I'll finish one of the other three over the weekend!
Dreadnought said…
That's beautiful Melissa! I'm so enjoying my goodies over here. I stroke my Flower Sugar every time I walk past it and change my mind every day as to what I'm going to do with it! I'm still a bit in shock at having such goodies in my flat! I'm doing a free motion quilting night school soon and can't wait to be able to make stitchy pictures like yours! Have a great week Melissa! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx
Raine and Sage said…
Excellent progress Melissa - I like every one of those wonky stars and the natural coloured background really lets the bright stars fabric stand out.

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