Quilt for Queensland

I completed this one yesterday.  I used the kaleido-ruler for these blocks - it is such a great block, and easy to construct and using different fabric combos you can come up with all sorts of variations such as this and this and this.


I used a chenille bedspread on the back because i thought the colour went really well with it and i didnt want to buy batting and backing for it, i wanted to use what i had on hand.  The chenille isnt perfect and  i hope doesnt detract from it .  I know some people feel a bit funny about using recycled fabric but it doesnt bother me so i hope it will go to someone who can appreciate that.

 Ive used some really different colour combos here ( courtesy of Fabricworm ). I think it all ties in nicely and couldnt resist a final finishing touch. ( I must get some labels made but these are lovely hey?)

So here'tis my contribution to the Quilts for Queensland hosted by the lovely Corrie over at Retromummy! 


kirsty said…
your little label is so perfectly gorgeous! i think i overuse that word - gorgeous but it is so appropriate for your makings. the quilt is beautiful and whoever the recipient is going to be will love it i am sure.

willywagtail said…
It's great. I have also been thinking of using chenille for backing/padding but in my case I've thought of using recycled dressing gowns. They come in gorgeous colours and are often huge enough to get enough fabric for a cot quilt. Good washing should eliminate any nasties and the people who don't mind recycled are the ones that will love it. I've often wondered, rather tongur in cheek, where our ancestors bought the perfect padding. Cherrie
Oh, your label is too perfect. Though it probably is unfeasible for you to keep doing them that way.

That quilt is magical ... I don't know how you whip them up so quickly. You really do have a wonderful talent.

Once I would have been a bit 'funny' about recycled fabric, but now I don't have a problem with it at all. All the recycled fabric I've ever received, used or bought has always been top quality and beautiful. Much nicer generally that the patterns on new fabrics.

Whomever receives your quilt will be absolutely stoked with it, I'm sure.
Catherine said…
Oh it's really beautiful Melissa. The chenille backing makes it cosy, warm and loved. I love chenille, it gives me lovely memories of my Grandma and the purple bed cover I had when I was a girl. Anyone who gets this quilt will feel very grateful for the time and love that went into making it.

Your labels are very sweet, perfect for your beautiful quilt. xo
Marg said…
Melissa that's really pretty , lovely soft colours, I love the chenille backing, perfect colour. I'm sure the recipient will love it too.
Love your label.
I think gorgeous is THE ONLY WORD for your quilts. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Bellgirl said…
It looks wonderful! Even though it's a different colour scheme it still has your distinctive look- and I love the chenille!
Shay said…
I am also a chenille lover , and have quite the collection. Therefore I am biased towards the recycle fabric question. I think the backing is frankly stunning.

Love the label! I just dont have the patience or skill for that .

The quilt - definitely a Clothwork original, and gorgeous as always.
Maree: said…
Great Idea using Chenile it will be so cosy & warm...Love the Block..
Raine and Sage said…
Wow Melissa your quilt is amazing. I can just gush with positive sentiments as it really is a lovely colour combo. Gorgeous little label too - very sweet and befitting your handmade quilt.

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