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Ive been computer-less for the past two days since small children savaged my laptop with a cup of water.  Ive taken it in to be salvaged, im hoping the photos can be saved off it as i never back any of them up, Ooops!  Im fortunate to have a loaned laptop while mines in for surgery.

In the meantime ive been the recipient of not one but two "Leibster Blog" awards which i think means lovely blog in German.  One from the thrifty Queen herself, Loo at Jumbles and Pompoms and the other from newbie blogger and renovator extraordinaire Bungalow Bliss. Thanks You Guys!  xxx.

I know im supposed to pass this award on and i will but its hard choosing because there are so many great and inspiring blogs out there. 

Ive also been featured on Kirsty's blog as part of her 'Blogging your Way'  e-course and i think it will become a regular feature ( not me of course , but featured bloggers!)  Its a well written and amusing post if you want to check it out.  I did have to question her photo choices because i think she picked THE ugliest photo of me to put on there ( and on purpose too just quietly),  but hey isnt that what sisters are for?!  (i know... im so fortunate!LOL. )

Well i would normally have some pretty pictures to insert in here but for now or until i get my computer back its just boring type.

 Enjoy the rest of your week!



Bummer about your computer hope it's not in the hospital for too long .
Shay said…
Your poor computer! I hope you get it back fast. I'm lost without my computer ...

Well deserved awards there Melissa. I wish I had an excuse to come up this year to see you at the markets - but alas my sister has moved and I dont have an excuse!

Love Palmerston Markets on a Friday night. The eyebrow lady and the laksa are amazing!
Hi Melissa, hope you get your computer sorted and quick!!

I've just been on your sister's blog. What a talented twosome you are! That isn't a bad pic of you at all! Enjoyed seeing your lovely makes and seeing more glimpses of your beautiful home!

Have a good week.
Sarah B said…
Congrats on your award - you have a lovely blog, so it's very deserving.
That's a bummer about your computer. A few years ago I spilt a glas of red wine over this laptop. I drained it in the dish drainer and let it dry out and it worked! It's a little tempemental, but mostly that's due to age. So, there might be hope for yours!
Marg said…
I know the feeling I had a not so young child knock over a glass of water into my brand new laptop that was turned on at the time, it totally fried and died. She is still alive but only just!
I really do hope you have better luck with yours.
Congrats on your award too, it's well deserved.
I'm off to check out your sister's blog.

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