Gawd, youd think a woman could wash her dishes!
Im wearing my gorgeous new wrap dress that the lovely Wendy from The Textured Leaf made as my prize in the recent Flood Relief Auctions.  Thanks Wendy i really, REALLY love it! It is so cool and comfy! ( and so beautifully made, i might add! )...
Im sewing up some little nighties for my girl with some lovely voiles.  Im waiting for her to come home from school so i can work out where to sew the shoulder straps...
and Im contemplating cutting these lovelies for my next project.

What are you up to on this fine and dandy Tuesday?


Kate said…
How divine do you look in your TL dress!
I love it!
Its all looking very cheery and colourful at your place. Its grey and freezing here.
That dress looks so comfortable and beautiful. I think it really suits you!

You sound so happy! I didn't even notice the washing up.
Kelly said…
Your dress is fabulous! Dishes? what dishes? I dont see any dishes ;)
The weather here is humid and overcast, and its one of those days that can't decide if its good or bad, meh, Im setting up miss 8 with the cupcake kit she got for her birthday, because cupcakes can make any day good :)
m.e (Cathie) said…
your dress looks great, very summery feel to it!
what dishes, that definitely doesn't look like a dish pile to me.

enjoy the sunshine Melissa ♥
kirsty said…
wow, your dress is gorgeous! what a fantastic prize. if it goes missing off your line don't come looking at my house ;0)

Dress? what dress? I am too busy looking at the VW bug block that is looking fantastic.
Shay said…
I went to the salt mines and earned some tax...but now I'm home. I LOVE your ironing board cover...

Oh and your dress is pretty too!
What a lovely dress and love it with your jeans. I love glimpsing bits of your home, it looks so colourful!
Bungalowgirl said…
Dress is lovely, is that a gorgeous huge doily on the side? Ditto about the ironboard cover. As for the dishes, I thought they were artfully placed decorative crockery. The new quilt fabric is scrumptious- I love red,pink and aqua togther and are they little spotty dogs? Love all the colour in your posts.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with sunlight.
Your house looks so divinely sunny.
Never noticed the dishes til you said either.
I love how youre wearing yours over jeans as thats how I wear mine (so I dont have to shave of course).
Love that you love it. I have been getting the nicest reports from all over about them!
Cheers! x

P.S I have a very pregnant DIL that ill be doing a photoshoot with later today hopefully.
oh... i love the dresses from the textured leaf! so confortable looking and summery... and perfect for layering!

kel xx

p.s - if you are interesred in expanding your vintage sheet FQ stash i am hosting a swap over at my blog. pop over and check it out if you are interested!!
Posie Patchwork said…
Great dress - that is a lot of layers for the Northern Territory!! We lived in Winnellie twice, i love & miss Darwin so much, all my babies were born up there, love Posie
Catherine said…
Your dress looks so lovely and cool, perfect for your hot Darwin climate. I love the fabric that you are using for your daughters nightie, very pretty I be she loved coming home to find you had made something for her:) Have a wonderful weekend Melissa. xo
Rachaeldaisy said…
Awesome wrap dress!! I used to have one like that but wore it to death. I'm sure you'll get heaps of wear out of your too!
Raine and Sage said…
I want to move back to Darwin and wear dresses like that, have louvres again and go to the markets on a Saturday morning. I'd buy clothes and quilts from you if you had a stall and be your best customer!
We don't have a dishwasher, and I really want one!
Really that wrap dress looks gorgeous on you. x

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