A Spot Of Sewing

Yesterday i managed a spot of sewing and sewed up this little number... i love the fabric, the perfect shade of red and i do love red in case you hadnt noticed!

It is a simple a-line skirt  and i cut the pattern off an existing skirt.  There are no darts although i may be tempted to put some in the next one i make.

hiding in his mummas skirt!
 It has a simple binding waistband and i actually managed to insert a zip!
 ( and it looks half reasonable! ) 

 Ive always tended to shy away from sewing zippered clothing but after a couple of attempts at it ive worked out the method and i would attempt one again.

In other crafty news i have finished my quilt for the Down under doll quilt swap.  Its the first swap i have ever participated in and although im happy with the quilt i made i cant say i Really enjoyed the process. I found it a wee bit stressful making something for someone else - without really knowing their taste.  Im sure they will like it - Im putting in a few extra goodies just in case they dont!

Ive got four more blocks to go on the Single girl quilt, i will be glad to see this finished, its a huge quilt. Im planning to straight line quilt this one, theres a few done that way on flickr and they look fantastic.

  Anyway enough of my rambling, enjoy whats left of the weekend and have  a great week! x

A lovely surprise from a friend this week, arent they magnificent (in my new vase too!)



ooooh yeah! love that skirt, it looks absolutely gorgeous!! your single girl quilt is stunning and so are those flowers and vase. love. it. all!!

Raine and Sage said…
A great job on your skirt, and that you nutted it out minus a pattern is very clever of you!
I'm going to second Kirsty. Your green vignette ensemble is groovy, yet beautiful!
Maree: said…
Love your New Skirt it really Looks Great on You...
also Loving your SG Quilt that Grey B/G is Fab...
Nana Go-Go said…
Skirt = beautiful. Doll Quilt = beautiful. Stop worrying, how could anyone not like your work - it`s amAZing! Swaps are meant to be a bit of fun so breathe and enjoy! Have a great week, Melissa.
ps. my word verification is `dollitt`!
Marg said…
Absolutely love your skirt it looks great.
The doll quilt is lovely too, I'm sure the recipient will love it. That's why I am not in a swap, I stress enough when I'm making something for myself, I would probably end up a gibbering mess if I tried to make something for someone I don't know and am not sure what they like.
The single girl quilt is fabulous and the flowers and vase look beautiful.
Sarah B said…
Your skirt looks fantastic, the fabric is lovely. Whoever gets your swap quilt will absolutely love it!
Bungalowgirl said…
Love love love that skirt, red is my favourite colour as well and that fabric is beautiful. A line skirts are just the best and you have done a wonderful job, zip looks perfect to me. (Not that I have ever installed a zip myself- still working out how to use my sewing machine). All your quilts are wonderful, the single girl quilt is especially lovely. Green vases - brilliant. Actually loving your entire post today! And thanks for the tip about the clove oil, had heard that and forgotten until you reminded me- will spray some around now to prevent it coming back.
Amanda Makes said…
Everything you make is so bloomin gorgeous Melissa! Your swap partner will be thrilled. I have the quilt you made me on my sofa and every night when I sit down to relax I love looking at it and if I'm a bit chilly I pull it on for a snuggle. It gives me a lot of pleasure. Have a lovely weekend my dear. Amanda xxx
Shay said…
What a lovely skirt! You're so clever . Zips and I are just not friends...

I love the single girl quilt..it's so colourful.Right up my alley.
Rachaeldaisy said…
I love your skirt!!! Clever You using zips! Your partner will love your Doll Quilt!! It's so beautiful!! Your single girl is so pretty. You've really flown through it. The pink lillies look stunning in your green vase. It's always fun to christen a new vase.
Catherine said…
I love your skirt Melissa, the design and the pattern of the fabric, it's very pretty.:) It's been a long time since I've made clothing for myself, highschool and that's been a while.

I understand what you mean about making something for someone else and worrying what they might like, it ends up taking me longer to get motivated to make things for someone else. I'm sure they will love the dolls quilt, the colours are beautiful and all the time that went into is clear to see:)

Enjoy your week. xo
Jules said…
Hi Melissa, Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying looking through your archive! Love the skirt (am contemplating a zipped one myself)and the doll quilt is lovely. Just making some tiny 'toy' quilts for my little girls toys too! Am now following and looking forward to your posts!
m.e (Cathie) said…
that is adorable Melissa, love the pic of the little one hiding too!
I'd love to make me a skirt, yours looks amazing.

hope you are having a great week ♥
Joni Llanora said…
A new follower here! Lovely skirt!
Maaike said…
The skirt is soooo pretty Melissa! The print and the design, I love it. Have a happy easter,
love Maaike
That skirt is a beauty! Love it!
sylviesgarden said…
Gorgeous skirt, it looks great!
I bought some fabby fabric today that I would love to make a skirt from. Only problem is I can't sew straight.

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