Sunday, February 27, 2011

Books and Chooks

 Cheap books and free shipping worldwide? How can i resist? Yes im feeling guilty with Angus & Robertson going bust because its the only decent bookshop in Darwin (bugger it!) but if you cant beat em....
 Ive been eyeing off this book for some time and its got lots of inspiring wonky style quilts which is just my thing at the minute - i dont actually read the text - i just look at the pictures!
 My boy spied this one and now wants a "chook blanket".  Its not a very good photo but they are wonky style chooks and it is very cute!
 The wonky star is sewed together , i need fabric for the back just dont know what! Any suggestions?
and heres a sneak peek at what im making at the minute

Hope your weekend has been good!

Monday, February 21, 2011


 I got this quilted finally, i started this back here and stalled for a while but im loving it now! I havent even put the binding on yet, (i need to buy extra fabric) but its on the kids bed and he's giving it the kiss of approval!
 With all of the rain we had it was getting quite cool of a night and i had to pull out the musty old doonas that have been in hibernation for the last 8 months.  It spurred me on to get this finished.  The boy is the only one without a mum made quilt on his bed. But not any more!
 I used a brand new vintage sheet on the back and stipple quilted it all over. I think he is trying to give it the thumbs up!
 When i set myself up to start freemotion quilting i need to adjust the tensions on my machine and so i make these little quilt sandwiches to test it on. Some turn out quite good and i bind them to make little coasters/ mugrugs.
 There's only so many coasters one woman can use!
 So i came up with this quick and simple idea of making it into a needle case!
 One piece of felt cut to size
 And sewn through the middle!
Doesnt get any easier than that hey? I will use this one to house my embroidery needles because they always seem to dissappear!

 These rings of fabric are destined for my Single Girl quilt.  Its mostly a fat quarter set of Dream On as well as a few vintage sheet fat quarters which coordinate. Thats a vintage sheet up the top for backing and natural linen/cotton for the background. 
Theres a Single Girl Support Group over here, the quiltalong has already begun, but since ive only just purchased the pattern from the US , im gonna be miles behind! Im making a date with Bianca to get the templates/ fabrics cut which will be fun and its good to see what combos everyone else is coming up with!
Hope youre having a crafty day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Spare a thought for my sister , i think her place is about to flood (again).  Her place floods when the river gets to 12 meters and they are expecting it to rise to 12.3m. Currently at 11.7m.  Shes home on her own with her hubby out at sea with 4 kids ( 3 little ones ). Keep your fingers crossed for her xxx


 Wow, 530 mm of rain ( courtesy of Cyclone Carlos ) since Monday and we havent floated away!
(Poor old Fluffy looks like a drowned rat) 
we had a torrent of water running between the two buildings

We lost quite a few big gums, about 10 of them  fell over on Wednesday all about the place, just uprooted from all of the water.  I was most concerned about this one  but it stayed put thank goodness!
 This one is right across our gateway this morning , so were not going anywhere ( not that we can - all the roads are cut anyway!)

Im grateful my pawpaws are still standing  especially this one as its a hermaphrodite which means it has both male and female flowers and apparantly produces excellent fruit. 

 We did lose quite a few bananas though.  Fortunately we picked a bunch a few days ago and ripened them up and today i will put them in the food dryer.  Home grown dried bananas are the best and dont last long around here - they are just like lollies! 
With all of the rain i havent been able to do much apart from sewing! and completed this little quilt yesterday. 
Youre probably all groaning (not another one!)
he he you didnt think i would do a post that didnt involve sewing now did you! 
I used flower sugar fabrics with natural linen/cotton  from here , a bamboo/cotton batting and backed it with chenille.  I finished it with some really simple quilting and a polka dot binding. It is so soft and snugly and will go into my little shop. Couldnt resist and made a label - i love this and think it will be a special finishing touch for all my quilts! 

Hope you are having a creative day,
take care x

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilt for Queensland

I completed this one yesterday.  I used the kaleido-ruler for these blocks - it is such a great block, and easy to construct and using different fabric combos you can come up with all sorts of variations such as this and this and this.


I used a chenille bedspread on the back because i thought the colour went really well with it and i didnt want to buy batting and backing for it, i wanted to use what i had on hand.  The chenille isnt perfect and  i hope doesnt detract from it .  I know some people feel a bit funny about using recycled fabric but it doesnt bother me so i hope it will go to someone who can appreciate that.

 Ive used some really different colour combos here ( courtesy of Fabricworm ). I think it all ties in nicely and couldnt resist a final finishing touch. ( I must get some labels made but these are lovely hey?)

So here'tis my contribution to the Quilts for Queensland hosted by the lovely Corrie over at Retromummy! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Making Progress..

...on the wonky stars. The quilt top is together and im thinking of making life easy for myself by using a vintage sheet on the back.  Ive got three (including this one)  to baste and quilt.  My knees are not looking forward it!

What are you making progress on ?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Of Dolls and Quilts

These two cute critters are heading off to Monkeemoomoo's Dolly Drive to put a smile on the dial of kids who have endured the Queensland Floods.  If you would like to help out by making a doll, all the info is here, im sure Jacki would love to hear from you. 

Yesterday I visited my sister  and look what i scored, a gorgeous crocheted pincushion! She has just renovated her studio (check out the pics here)  and had this sitting on the bench top looking very stylish indeed.  When i saw it i thought i really NEED to make one but she was so lovely to give me this one - isnt she a sweetie?

Today Ive been busy making more wonky stars, i think i have enough to put together a quilt top.
 I just need to work out HOW to put it together! 

Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

you would think that with these guys back at school - the smallest just starting preschool / kinder - i would have lots of time to do crafty things and have heaps to show you.

 i dont know what ive been doing! wandering around feeling a little bit lost without my 'trusty assistant'!  Feeling uninspired and unmotivated until i received this!

A parcel full of yummy fabric goodness from the lovely
 Miss BlueMountainDaisy !
Hee hee Rachael even sent ME a thankyou card!

THANKYOU!!! Rachael,
youve picked me up out of my craft fog

as you can see ive been playing and arranging and am thinking of a zig zag number
inspired by this dashing quilt . 

So, while ive been dreaming of zig zags ive sewn up a little
 dolly quilt for a three year old birthday,
look at that ive sewn right through that pin!
Lucky thats not my finger! 

I played around with straight line quilting, very monotonous even on this little quilt but i LOVE the effect!
 I will be trying it on  a big version soon!
i also tried a new technique for binding from this fantastic tutorial and highlyrecommend it
 - im converted!

Have a wonderful weekend !