Saturday, November 12, 2011


As soon as i clapped eyes on Amy Butlers latest fabric collection i knew it was destined to become a skirt.  I cut some big 10" squares and patchworked them together and then cut out an a-line shape.  It took two attempts to get the zipper reasonable - my tip for future zipper installations is to leave a huge seam allowance (like an inch!) to make life easier. ( It would have also helped to use a zipper foot but i dont have one for my machine thats set up and i was too lazy to set up the other slack i know! )

Its all cut on the bias which gives it a fair amount of give which is good for a fitted skirt. I also think bias cut skirts are a lot more flattering to wear.   I put a waist band around the top but i think it might need some elastic in the waist band to help it fit snug, with the bias skirt it stretches a bit when i wear it so im hoping by inserting the elastic it will be less likely to fall off when i wear it!

Overall im happy with how its turned out, pretty much how i imagined and with a slight modification it will become my "new favourite",

Here are some more "favourites",   maybe you will be inspired...

(The links for these gorgeous photos are on my flickr)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Hexagons

Earlier this year Lynne from Lilys Quilts started hosting a "Hexalong" inspired by this quilt pattern.  I was really keen to join in but daunted by the prospect of hand piecing.  I did attempt one block which took about 4 hours and ended in tragedy so i was keen to see if i could machine piece it (which is how the original Candied Hexagon quilt is made.)  I purchased the templates - the large hexagon templates form Marti Michell - and they are fantastic. You can make all sorts of variations of this block - ive only attempted a few so far.

They are still fiddly and time consuming but this will be another one of those slow projects...

speaking of which Im still going slow on the Daisy Chain Sampler!  Im determined to get this finished though.  Unfinished projects annoy the crap out of me!

Im on the home straight!...